The Tribe Mission

Tribe's mission is simple and straightforward -- to place each and every client in the most advantageous position to reach their career and life goals.  

At Tribe we have no misconceptions how you achieved being a professional athlete. While you may have had the help of family, coaches, teachers, friends, and others in the community along your journey, YOU are the reason you are a professional athlete.  It is your athletic ability, coupled with your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, that has brought you to this very point in your career.  Tribe understands how imperative it is for you to maximize your earning potential for as long as you are fortunate enough to be a professional athlete.  

How Tribe Sports Group accomplishes its mission is what distinguishes it from other sports agencies -- by doing so in a professional and familial environment that promotes trust and the development of relationships that will last long after athletic careers end.  


About Tribe

Eric Shane, Esq. - CEO


An attorney based in Miami, Florida, Eric has devoted his career to representing individuals in complex civil litigation cases as well as contractual negotiations and disputes, successfully obtaining tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. Due to Eric’s expertise, he has been invited to appear on numerous national news media outlets providing legal analysis for the likes of ABC’s 20/20, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, and MSNBC.

A native of South Florida, Eric received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University and attended the University of Miami School of Law, from which he obtained his J.D., Cum Laude, in 2003 and served as an Articles and Comments Editor for the Business Law Review. Wanting to combine his passion for sports with his unique legal expertise, Eric founded Tribe Sports Group which allows him to be 100% committed to servicing his clients from a 360° approach.

Rolando Shannon - Certified NFLPA Agent


Rolando brings years of experience in both business and athletics to Tribe Sports Group.  A former college football player at Carson-Newman University, Rolando understands and identifies with his clients who pour their heart and soul into the sport they love.   After graduating from Carson-Newman University Rolando earned his Master's of Sports Administration from Belmont University in Nashville.  

A servant leader, Rolando zealously represents his clients with the same  dedication and perseverance he played the game with.  He is a relentless worker and takes great pride in giving his clients one-on-one, familial support as they pursue their life's dream.  


Draft Preparation


The NFL Combine and/or your school’s Pro Day will be the single biggest interview you will have as a professional athlete.  Being prepared, physically, mentally, and emotionally is a prerequisite to performing well at the NFL Combine and/or Pro Day. The Tribe will ensure you are trained and prepared so that you are in the best possible position to excel during the NFL evaluation process.  

Contract Negotiation


Our multifaceted real world experience over the last 15 years has allowed for the development of a unique perspective that has proven time and again to benefit our clients.  Our experiences have allowed for creative thinking and negotiation tactics which ultimately leads to innovative and lucrative agreements for our clients.   

Career Management


Performing on the field is how an NFL player gets his job and keeps his job. Our clients simply don’t have the time to dedicate to professional matters outside of the white lines.  The Tribe employs a comprehensive management philosophy that allows its clients to concentrate on making plays on Sundays.  

Marketing & Endorsements


The average NFL career lasts only 3.3 years. As such, it is imperative each player maximize his earnings by developing income streams separate and distinct from his player salary.  The Tribe assists clients in developing a brand identity to help generate marketing and endorsement deals so that they can increase their off the field earnings.

Post Career/Life After Sport


Let's be honest, most players don’t want to acknowledge or talk about life without or after football.  However, planning and preparing for life after your football career is over is just as important as you preparing to begin your career as a professional athlete. The Tribe will ensure you are well versed in the programs sponsored by the NFL and NFLPA  and will also assist you in identifying and selecting an NFLPA certified financial advisor to help ensure the money you worked so hard to earn continues to work for you long after your professional football career is over.  

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